Print sizes are approximate. Shipping and packing not included. Prices subject to change.

Size Cost
11x14 or 12x12: $100
Edition: AP 5
Number: 150
16x20 or 16x16: $200
Edition: AP 5
Number: 75
24x30 or 20x20: $300
Edition: AP 3
Number: 25
30x40 or 30x30: $call
Edition: AP 3
Number: 10

*Outsourced to Mpix or other vendor, price will reflect this cost.

Steve will personally create your print from a digital master file on his Mac computer using Photoshop CS 4.

He has individually printed it for you using an Epson 7880 Stylus Pro printer with archival K-3 ink and Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo paper.